What do we do?
 ​​​​​  Events we sponsor includes: Weekly and Monthly Bingos, 90+ Birthday meals, Mother's Day Flowers, Father's Day Treats, 50/50 Birthday Raffles, Bake Sales, You-Pick-it Raffles, Christmas Craft Fair, Christmas Party and Christms Gift Bags for Homebound Seniors.
   We support the Hot Soup Program, Adopt an Elder Project and the Sight Impaired Support Group. In addition, we manage the YAH Gift Shop.
 ​​     Each year the Center and the Kitchen give YAH a "wish list" of items that are not covered by the budget. YAH tries to fulfill those wishes, such as: purchase of an Inventory Control Program for the kitchen, upgrades on our dining room speaker system, purchase of the dining room furniture, purchase and repair of the walk-in freezer and so much more.
   Our most important job over the next few years will be to provide funds for the Hot Soup Program and to help complete the furnishings for the new Senior Center.